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usb host

USB devices are divided into HOST (master) and SLAVE (slave), and only when a SLAVE HOST connection with a data transmission can be achieved.

Simply put, if a digital device supports USB HOST, then it can be from another USB device to obtain the data.

Because USB HOST makes a lot of smart phone line can support the mouse, keyboard, hard disk, U disk, MP3, USB game controller, USB HUB, USB card, USB printers, mobile phones, USB SIM card reader and so a bunch of phone equipment, the benefits of lot, but my standard is not Amoi E850 this line, in the friends network reference hoho2002 the USB HOST line production methods, their hands can not help but want to make one.

USB HOST line production methods

USB HOST lines require one end is a standard USB female port, one end is a T-port mini USB, so first of all need to prepare these two ports. USB home directly from the USB port I cut down on the extension line, shown in Fig.

I am a mini USB port connection from my mp3 cut down on the first, in fact, mp3/mp4 / digital camera / mobile hard drives, and many other devices should be found.

The following is a review USB HOST socket line definition, as shown. Host ID and GND only need to short-circuit it.

Some people certainly think that the definition of good trouble ah, there should be a bunch of lines of weld, right? Wrong! In fact, you just put the top down the line interception in the same color correspond to link up on it, is not that simple?

The following are the most critical step, open the mini USB port, do not move any lines (Figure I directly hoho2002 enough, you just pay attention not to move a line to connect), the main point is to map the red arrow points between the first second-line point a small amount of solder on it, the fact that those lines are to eat welding. Some people may think that such a small very neat point a little harder, because the big mobile phone into the future can not top it, ah, tell you a very simple way: big or irregular solder does not matter, as long as you last, blade slowly scrape the excess solder on it.

The entire production process is completed, seal the mini USB port, connect your phone U disk, the test is successful, wrote this article, a morning passed.

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